Meet the Team

Meet the Team - Pediatric Anesthesiology

Program Leadership

John S. Jones, MD - Medical Staff Section Chief, Pediatric Anesthesia & Critical Care Services; Section Chief, Pain Management; Medical Director, Pain Services

Jeffrey P. Morray, MD - President, Medical Staff Pediatric Anesthesiology

Michelle Kim, MD - Vice Section Chief, Anesthesia; Director, Pediatric Liver Transplant Anesthesia

Jonathan Jerman, MD - Vice Chief, Pain Services

Casey Lenox, MD - Director, Perioperative Anesthesia

James C. Loomis, MD - Children's Heart Center

Aubrey Maze, MD - Children's Heart Center

Duy Nguyen, MD - Director, Resident Education

Steve Ozer, MD - Section Chief, Anesthesiology

Andrew Miller, MD - Pediatric Radiology Anesthesia

Brian Schneider, MD - Chief, Pediatric Cardiac Anesthesia

Raj Singhal, MD - Director, Research

Dennis Tong, MD - Pediatric Trauma Anesthesia

Wake Up Safe Program Leadership

Celia Maneri, MD - Program Leader

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