The best treatment for children with blood disorders


As the largest pediatric hematology program in the state, Phoenix Children's Hospital’s Center for Cancer and Blood Disorder provides the best care for kids with blood disorders, including hemophilia, thrombosis and Sickle Cell disease.

Our Hematology Program is unrivaled, offering top hematology specialists and opportunities to participate in cutting-edge clinical trials available in Arizona, only at Phoenix Children’s.

Our pediatric focus means we understand that children require greater attention and more unique care than the same procedure or treatment for an adult. Our philosophy is to provide care with attention to the patient’s social environment, educational progress and ongoing developmental growth.

Providing Quality Care Beyond Treatment

Families of our patients want access to the newest and best possible treatments available. With that in mind, we developed the only program in the state to provide access to cutting-edge opportunities in pediatric hematology research.

  • Our Hemophilia Clinic is one of only two federally funded programs of its kind in the state, caring for patients with bleeding disorders.
  • Our Thrombosis Clinic brings together the best strategies from every Hospital department to best treat the whole child.
  • With more 110 current patients, the Sickle Cell Clinic is the fastest growing clinic of its kind in the state, with access to the best and newest pharmaceuticals.

Unlike other local programs, Phoenix Children’s Hematology Program provides care to patients until age 21. We know it is important for patients to have access to the best physicians who understand and provide treatment that allows their bodies to grow into adulthood.

To ensure that patients and their families understand the care and treatment they are receiving, our compassionate family-centered care has inspired us to develop a wealth of resources to assist families throughout the healing process.

Phoenix Children’s Multidisciplinary Approach Treats Whole Child

In many cases, treatment can mean caring for multiple problems, so we address all aspects of a child’s illness in one place. Our unique multidisciplinary approach has brought together the best individuals and practices throughout the hospital to provide complete care and heal the whole child.

Our child life specialists, social workers, therapists and other clinical professionals help families understand their children’s diagnosis, treatments, and the care needed at home and throughout their life. Our specialists understand the concerns and fears kids may have at every stage of the healing process and assist in preparing them for the fastest possible recovery.

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