Hemophilia and Thrombosis Center at Phoenix Children's Hospital

The Best Care for Patients with Bleeding or Coagulation Disorders

The Hemophilia and Thrombosis Center (HTC) at Phoenix Children’s Hospital is part of a network of U.S. Hemophilia Diagnostic and Treatment Centers established over 35 years ago to provide comprehensive services to patients and families with genetic bleeding and clotting disorders. The HTC at Phoenix Children’s Hospital is the only federally recognized comprehensive hemophilia center in Phoenix, serving the majority of individuals and families with disorders of coagulation.

Our center aids local medical providers in the care of individuals of all ages with blood disorders and their families. The program is funded by the Department of Health and Human Services – Maternal and Child Health Bureau and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. The center is also supported by income received from patient care and by a federally sanctioned pharmacy program.

Why Choose Phoenix Children's Hospital

The purpose of the Hemophilia and Thrombosis Center (HTC) is to prevent and reduce problems related to blood disorders by providing comprehensive care to persons with bleeding disorders, thrombosis, thrombophilia (clotting disorders), and other disorders of coagulation. Our center uses multidisciplinary clinic teams including clinical, outreach, and educational programs. Our active participation in research and clinical trials helps our team determine the best possible treatment for each patient. We place an emphasis on preventive care because of the difficulty and expenses involved in treating complications of bleeding disorders, which can greatly reduce the patients’ quality of life.

Treating Children and Adults

Our team treats hemophilia patients from childhood through adults.

With children, we focus on educating the entire family. An emphasis is placed on teaching all family members how to cope with the diagnosis and what to expect moving forward. The goal is for parents to teach their child how to be an advocate for themselves and eventually take over their own care.

Our adult patient education approach varies based on where patients are in their treatment. An emphasis is placed on self-care and coping skills to effectively manage a chronic health disorder. Coordination with other medical providers is critical in managing the health of the aging hemophilia population.

Regardless of a patient’s age, we help with insurance needs, how to plan for ongoing treatment, and champion the importance of going to school, getting a good job, and receiving good health insurance.

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