Adult Hemophilia Services

Comprehensive Care

Our team understands the value of caring for the complete physical, social, and psychological well-being of the person with a bleeding disorder and their family. Our services incorporate:

  • Hematology
  • Hematology Nurse Practitioner
  • Nursing
  • Psychology
  • Social work
  • Physical Therapy
  • Nutrition
  • Lab
  • Genetic Counseling
  • Dental

Acute Care and Hospital Services

Our providers can manage acute and chronic needs of adult patients with bleeding disorders in the outpatient setting. They have admitting privileges at Banner UMC Phoenix and St. Joseph’s Medical Center, and can consult and manage the care of hospitalized patients at these facilities.

Care Coordination

Our adult team is dedicated to caring specifically for adult patients with bleeding disorders, providing the following services:

  • Adult hemophilia triage and on-call services 24 hours/day, 7 days/week
  • Tailored treatment plans for surgical or dental procedures
  • Chronic and acute physical therapy
  • Assistance with insurance needs
  • Referrals to specialists, as needed
  • Coordination of care with primary care provider
  • Home care needs
  • Medication and procedure authorization
  • Factor needs
  • Education
  • Ongoing follow-up

Psychosocial Programs

Our psychosocial services are designed to meet the individual needs of each patient and their families, with the goal to improve quality of life. Included are the following:

  • Full-time psychologist
  • Full-time social worker
  • Counseling services
  • Educational services
  • Employment services
  • Reimbursement/financial issues
  • Resource referrals
  • Supportive services, including support groups


We have a long-standing, wide-spread participation in clinical trials for several research affiliates and drug corporations to provide the most up-to-date treatments for our patients and families.


We work collaboratively with the AT Still Dental School to provide routine and restorative dental care to individuals with bleeding disorders while ensuring adequate hemostasis surrounding invasive dental procedures. In addition, we provide financial support for individuals with bleeding disorders who are under or uninsured.

Women’s Needs

Our staff recognizes the special needs of women with bleeding disorders. This program was designed to help meet those needs in the following ways:

  • Menorrhagia clinic with hematology and OB/GYN providers to diagnose and treat women and teenage girls
  • Genotyping for potential carriers in the prenatal period
  • Coordination of hematological needs during pregnancy, labor, and delivery
  • Coordination of care for potentially affected neonates

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