Pediatric Neuro-Oncology Program


The best care for children with brain tumors and spinal cord tumors in Arizona and the Southwest

The Jaydie Lynn King Neuro-Oncology Program at Phoenix Children's Hospital is the only comprehensive pediatric program of its kind in Arizona, offering multidisciplinary, personalized care for children and adolescents with primary brain and spinal cord tumors. The Program combines the expertise of subspecialists in the Center for Cancer and Blood Disorders (CCBD) and Barrow Neurological Institute at Phoenix Children's.

Led by Cynthia Wetmore, MD, PhD,, Phoenix Children's Jaydie Lynn King Neuro-Oncology Program provides the highest quality patient care through a team approach using the latest evidence based treatments, innovative research, and psychosocial support to continually try to improve the chances for cure and minimize tumor and treatment related side effects. We pride ourselves on making a significant difference in the quality of life for our patients.

Why Choose Phoenix Children's Hospital

Research provides patients with the best, most up-to-date treatments for their illnesses and identifies and evaluates new treatments to help future children. At Phoenix Children's, this translates into cutting edge care and access to the most promising new options.

We are a member of Pediatric Oncology Experimental Therapeutics Investigation Consortium (POETIC), a group comprised of 10 leading pediatric cancer centers in North America that conduct Phase I clinical trials. Phoenix Children’s is the only location in Arizona where these advanced treatments are available. Phase I clinical trials are used in people who have cancer that cannot be treated effectively with standard treatments or for which no standard treatment exists.

The Hospital is also a member of the Children’s Oncology Group, offering the same Phase II and Phase III trials available at other leading children’s hospitals across the country.

In addition to offering access to clinical trials, The Jaydie Lynn King Neuro-Oncology Program provides numerous tumor specific treatment options and patient specific treatment, which translates into individualized treatment plans based on the patient’s tumor molecular biology and genomics. This translational research is in collaboration with the Institute of Molecular Medicine, The Transgenomic Institute, and other laboratories around the country. For the patients who require radiation therapy, our partnership with Mayo Clinic in Scottsdale, offers state-of-the-art radiation options, including proton beam therapy, which has advantages over conventional radiation treatment in reducing both short and long-term radiation-induced side effects. This is especially beneficial for children with brain tumors.

Treating Children and Educating Families

Brain tumors that occur in infants and children are very different from adult brain tumors, both in terms of the type of cells and the responsiveness to treatment. As a pediatric hospital, our goal is to “cure,” which means we often treat patients with aggressive measures because the chance of cure brings the chance of a full life.

With all our pediatric patients, an emphasis is placed on teaching family members how to cope with the diagnosis and treatment, and what to expect moving forward. The goal is for parents to teach their child how to be an advocate for themselves and eventually take over their own care.

We also help with insurance needs, how to plan for ongoing treatment, and champion the importance of going to school, getting a good job, and receiving good health insurance.

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