Pediatric Solid Tumor - Additional Related Programs


Referral Center for relapsed solid tumors

Phoenix Children's Solid Tumor Program is comprised of experts who can provide consultations and second opinions for patients whose disease has progressed or relapsed after initial therapy. As a member of several Phase I consortiums, we are able to offer patients experimental therapies on clinical trials that would not be available to them otherwise.

Sarcoma Center

The Sarcoma Center at Phoenix Children's is a multidisciplinary center comprising of a team of dedicated specialists committed to providing the state of the art care to patients diagnosed with bone and soft tissue sarcomas. Read More...

Retinoblastoma Center

Our Retinoblastoma Center is comprised of a team of dedicated specialists committed to provide state-of-the-art care through a multidisciplinary approach to the diagnosis and management of children with retinoblastoma. Read More...

Pigmented Lesions Clinic (PLC)

PLC is a multidisciplinary clinic at Phoenix Children's comprised of specialists from dermatology, pediatric oncology, general surgery, plastic surgery, and pathology. The goal of PLC is to provide comprehensive care for patients with a variety of pigmented skin lesions ranging from benign moles to the most malignant skin cancers such as melanoma. Patients are able to meet all subspecialists and have their plan of care discussed in the same visit. PLC meets on the third Wednesday of every other month.

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