Our Multidisciplinary Team Members and Their Roles

In many cases, treatment can mean caring for multiple problems, so we address all aspects of a child's illness in one place. Our unique multidisciplinary approach has brought together the best individuals and practices throughout the hospital to provide complete care and heal the whole patient.

Every solid tumor patient has a dedicated doctor, pediatric nurse, and social worker, so parents and family members always know where to go with questions. Our entire team of oncologists, radiologists, nurses, child life specialists, social workers, psychologists, psychiatrists, chaplains, nutritionists, naturopaths, physical and occupational therapists, pharmacists, financial specialists, and other clinical professionals help families understand their Children's diagnosis, treatments, and the care needed at home and throughout their life. All team members understand the concerns and fears kids may have at every stage of the healing process and assist in preparing them for the fastest possible recovery.

Together, we bring world-class medical and research expertise, as well as hope for a cure for solid tumors, to the Southwestern United States and beyond.

Many of our solid tumor patients are of Native American descent and we work closely to coordinate with families wanting to perform their traditional therapies at the reservation prior to the patient's scheduled surgery at Phoenix Children's.

Physicians and Clinical Team

Masayo Watanabe, MD – Director, Solid Tumor Program, Team leader, Vascular Lesions & Syndromes

Francis Eshun, MD – Team Leader, Organ Tumors – such as Wilms, Neuroblastoma

Pooja Hingorani, MD – Team Leader, Bone and Soft Tissue, Retina & Melanoma

James A Williams, MD – Team Leader, Rare Tumors— such as Germ Cell Tumor

Andrea White-Collins, CPNP – Nurse Practitioners, Solid Tumor Program


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