Survivor Program

The Survivor Program encompasses clinical care (Survivor Clinic), research, and social support.  We provide expertise in the long-term effects of cancer therapy, including fertility preservation, with a health and wellness focus. 

The Survivor Clinic is a comprehensive, multi-disciplinary clinic that addresses the needs of patients who are at least two years from the end of their cancer treatment. We invite patients who have been treated for any type of cancer or disease process that utilizes chemotherapy. Patients do not have to have received their treatment at Phoenix Children's Hospital. We also offer one time consultations for adults who have been treated for pediatric cancers, but never had the benefit of survivorship care.

In one annual clinic visit, the child and family will meet with an oncology registered nurse, an oncologist or oncology nurse practitioner, a pediatric endocrinologist, a registered dietician, and a social worker. This team provides screening and recommendations based on the Children’s Oncology Group survivorship guidelines tailored to each patient’s individual needs in managing any side effects from their treatment whether they are short term or longer lasting issues.

This standardized and enhanced follow-up care throughout the childhood, adolescence and young adulthood:

  • promotes healthy lifestyles
  • provides for ongoing monitoring of health
  • allows for early identification of late effects
  • provides timely intervention for late effects of therapy

The child’s primary care provider will receive a comprehensive, detailed written review of our consultation and are critical collaborators in the medical management of survivors.  Patients also receive a copy of the consultation with a summary of the recommendations in easy-to-read language. 

As part of the research program, our team participates in national long-term follow-up studies researching the cause and prevention of late effects of cancer treatment. 

The Survivor Clinic is a place where we establish lasting relationships with patients and families by meeting with them every year until they are 10 years from the completion of their therapy and 18 years old, whichever happens last. We celebrate survivorship and educate patients and families on how to follow up with their care as they transition into adulthood.

One Time Consultation for Adult Survivors

We offer one time consultations for adults who have been treated for pediatric cancers but never had the benefit of survivorship care.

Once scheduled, our team will meet with you and provide resources on:

  • Information on future screenings needed and when
  • Reminder of markers to look for
  • Resources on continued health – i.e. nutrition, exercise, stress management and more.

Contact Us

If you have questions or to schedule your annual survivor clinic appointment, please call Judith Cota at (602) 933-3426 or email

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