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Clinical Research in Pediatric Cancer at Phoenix Children's Hospital


The Center for Cancer and Blood Disorders (CCBD) at Phoenix Children's Hospital is committed to providing the best possible care for our patients.  To do that, we must be on the forefront of clinical research. Having clinical trials available is integral to the care of our patients and is crucial to providing the best chance of cure. 

The Clinical Research Program at the CCBD is a comprehensive program covering a wide spectrum of cancer types

There are currently 76 open clinical trials that are available for patients with leukemias, lymphomas, many solid tumors, brain tumors, multiple rare cancers and cancer-like disorders. 

Several of our team members are national leaders in managing and developing new treatments for many of these diseases.

Some of these trials provide the standard of care treatments for newly diagnosed patients, giving them the best chance of cure from the moment they are diagnosed. Others give patients who have not responded to therapy or whose cancers have returned following standard therapy, the newest, most promising agents available.

Phoenix Children's is a member of the Children’s Oncology Group (COG), a consortium of over 200 members in the U.S. and several other countries, including Canada and Australia. The group works collaboratively to treat children with cancer.  Studies have shown that children who are enrolled on clinical trials do better, overall.  As one of only three COG members in Arizona, Phoenix Children's is in the top 20 percent of enrolling patients in clinical trials. 

Additional Partners and Programs

Ultimately, the goal of our clinical research program is to provide the best possible treatments to cure as many of our patients as possible now while investigating new agents so that we can cure all our patients in the future.

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