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Camp Rainbow - Frequently Asked Questions for Campers

What is a typical day at Camp like?

Breakfast is at 8:30 am every day.  Each morning you will go to a different activity area with your cabin, such as archery, swimming, canoeing, and crafts.  Lunch is at 12:30 pm, and then we have quiet time for an hour. In the afternoon you are off to another activity.  Dinner is at 6:00.  Every night we have special activities such as casino night, camp party, silly olympics, and carnival. Lights out is at 9:00 or 10:00 pm, depending on how old you are.

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What will I eat at Camp?

There are three full meals served everyday:   

  • Breakfast: Cereal, granola bars, soy milk, regular milk (whole, 2% and skim) and juices are served every morning; in addition there can be scrambled eggs and bacon, pancakes and syrup, or biscuits and gravy.
  • Lunch: Build your own hamburger, delicious macaroni and cheese, or pizza.  Dessert may be ice cream sandwiches!
  • Dinner: There might be hotdogs, sloppy joes, or a Mexican feast.  For dessert, there may be brownies or cupcakes.

For vegetarians there is always a veggie dish available, which could be veggie pizza or roasted vegetables.

If you have allergies or cannot eat certain foods because of diet needs or religious reasons, we make sure that the cook and counselors know this before your session begins.  There will always be something tasty to keep you fueled for the day's activities.

Snacks are available in the dining hall all day long.

Who will take care of me?

Two counselors will live with you in your cabin.  They are there to make sure you are safe and to be your friends.  There are also nurses and doctors at camp to make sure you get all the medical care you need. 

Where will I sleep?

When you get to Camp you will move right into your cabin.  You will share a big room with 5 to 7 other campers your own age.  Two counselors will also share the cabin with you. The counselors are your teachers, supervisors, and, most importantly, your friends while you are at camp.

What will we do for fun? 

Our activities include: a climbing wall and low ropes course, arts and crafts, archery, canoeing, fishing, music, horseback riding, tennis, basketball and swimming, and our fun evening programs.

Will there be kids like me at Camp?

Every camper at Camp Rainbow has been a patient at the Center for Cancer and Blood Disorders at Phoenix Children's Hospital.  There may be kids with the same illness that you have or with different medical illnesses.  Some kids may look totally healthy; others may be bald from chemotherapy.  Some need medications every day, others do not. 

What should I bring to Camp?

Camp will provide you with a bed, including a mattress.  You should bring pillows, and either a sleeping bag or sheets and blankets, so you are comfortable.  You will also need towels, toiletries, and clothes for a week.  Don't forget your swimsuit, a sweatshirt, a flashlight, and a water bottle. Once you're accepted, you will receive a full list of what to pack.

The following items are not allowed at camp: radios, cell phones, game boys, iPods, video cameras, weapons, tobacco, alcohol, and illegal drugs. 

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