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The hospital can be a stressful place for children. Phoenix Children's Child Life Program helps patients of all ages – and their families – develop ways to cope with fear, anxiety and separation from home and school.  Our staff works closely with family members during hospitalization. As the medical staff is attending to the child's physical needs, our Child Life Specialists are attending to the child's developmental, psychosocial, educational and emotional needs – which can be critical in the treatment and healing process.

The patient isn't the only person who is affected by the hospitalization. Brothers and sisters may also be concerned, and may even feel left out. They are welcome to visit during the hospital stay or send photos or draw pictures for their sibling's room. It is important for siblings to understand the nature of the hospital and their brother or sister's illness. 

Our specialists know it's important for kids to be kids – even when they're in the Hospital.

A dedicated Child Life Specialist is also available for outpatient and phone support. 

To learn more about how a Child Life Specialist can help your child, please ask your nurse.


  • What: The Child Life Program helps patients and families cope with fear, anxiety, and separation from home and school during their hospital stay.
  • Why: A national study at Phoenix Children's Hospital proved that children exposed to a Child Life Program experienced less emotional stress, displayed more effective coping, and showed a greater understanding of the hospital experience. 
  • How: Approaches from a developmental perspective for procedural preparation, specific coping strategies, and medical play reduce children's anxieties and support healing during hospitalization and illness. Specifically, child life sepcialists help when: 
    • Your child needs help understanding the hospital
    • Your child is worried about a test or procedure
    • A brother or sister is upset about a sibling's hospitalization
    • You're looking for play and activity ideas
    • You need information about your child's development
    • You need help with child-friendly explanations of hospital experiences
  • Where: The Program is available in all CCBD departments, both inpatient and outpatient. Child Life assistants supervise all playrooms, and plan crafts and other special activities. All playrooms are open to healthy brothers and sisters, when they are with an adult. Each playroom is open Monday through Friday.

Contact Our Child Life Specialist for the CCBD

Kim Froehle

Phone: (602) 933-0535

Pager:  (602) 201-9809


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