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School at the Hospital & School Re-entry

1 Darn Cool School

School is an important part of a child's normal routine. When a child is hospitalized, it is important to continue this routine. This is why Phoenix Children's Hospital has 1 Darn Cool School for our patients.

Our school lets patients be productive in a positive and encouraging environment. When children continue their schooling while in the hospital, their anxiety levels are lowered, and they feel better, physically and mentally. A healthy mind leads to a healthy body.  

School Schedule

1 Darn Cool School is open year-round Monday through Friday.

  • 9 -11 a.m.
  • 1:30 - 3:30 p.m.


  • Individualized instruction for all students, grades K-12
  • Classroom instruction 
  • Bedside instruction
  • Liaison between Hospital and school 
  • Summer theme-based enrichment programs


All teachers are prepared at the Master's level, and classroom volunteers have a professional schoolteacher background.

Cool School Facts

Phoenix Children's Hospital is one of only a few hospitals in the nation that employs its own teaching staff. Phoenix Children's 1 Darn Cool School is available to all patients.

School Re-entry

After a hospitalization, going back to school can be scary for many children, especially if they've been absent a long time. This may be harder if their illness or injury has caused them to have different needs than before hospitalization.

When a patient is ready to return to school, a 1 Darn Cool School teacher meets with staff at the patient's school to help plan for the educational and emotional needs of the child. Classroom presentations are also offered to help peers understand the patient's illness or injury.

Additional services offered as part of our school re-entry program include:

  • IEP/504 meetings
  • Development of accommodations needed for return to school
  • Working with families on special education processes
  • Coordination of homebound services

Contact us:

For more information or to speak with a teacher, please call the classroom at (602) 933-1706.


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